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Connection, Communication, and Accompaniment

Hi there,

I'm Leeza

I'm passionate about understanding how our minds work and how to create deeper and more satisfying connections


I fell madly in love with Connected Communication (aka Nonviolent Communication, aka NVC) after attending drop-in classes in San Francisco, CA in 2018 with the Communication Dojo and have been a dedicated practitioner ever since. I've participated in immersion programs in NVC, mediation, conflict coaching, and inner work with Oren Sofer, Roxy Manning, John Kinyon, and Arnina Kashtan. I also draw inspiration from non-duality and The Work by Byron Katie.

I offer one-on-one empathy, run NVC practice groups, and since 2020 I've been part of the the Communication Dojo team, sharing NVC on a larger scale in the San Francisco Bay Area and online. You can find some of the offerings I support at

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Get in touch

You can email me with questions or requests for 1:1 support

Thanks for reaching out!

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