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d.Hub is a service system that reduces stress & increases comfort while providing basic needs for families, individuals, and urban communities before, during, and after a disaster. I created it along with four other people at the Boston Service Jam 2014.

The Problem:
Many mobile museum applications are difficult to navigate. Every museum or even exhibit has its own application. These applications can be costly to develop and take the user time to learn.

The Objective:
Research, design and create a hi-fidelity prototype of an application that can be used for any type of museum exhibit for adults. The app will act like a human tour guide. The guided tours will be pre-programmed and the application will guide the visitor through the exhibits.

My Contribution:

  • Conducted background research on the state of the art

  • Created a Stakeholder Analysis

  • Constructed personas and scenarios

  • Designed the application

  • Made a fully functional prototype using Adobe Flash

  • Wrote a design report advocating user needs, justifying the design decisions and requirements (available for download below)

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