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FoodExp is a mobile app and web site interfacing one's dietary needs with specific and reliable ingredient data. This was a group project for the exclusive hands-on seminar series InnovAction Lab at the University of Trento.

The Problem:
Have you ever tried to plan a dinner outing for a group of people only to findout that one can’t eat gluten, another is vegetarian and a third is allergic toeverything under the sun?

The Objective:
Interface each user’s dietary needs with other users’ and with specific and reliable ingredient-level Restaurant data. Build a smartphone application which will help you find the best place for your group’s specific needs, as well as exactly what they can eat there, or even cook at home. It’s quick and easy, and most importantly, safe!

My Contribution:

  • Researched the potential market

  • Figured out business plan with one other team member

  • Designed slides with one other team member

  • Created final pitch scripts with one other team member

  • Designed prototype with one other team member

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