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User Interviews

As my main project for the internship I completed during my Master’s studies, I took a user-based approach to understanding the level of awareness and users’ feelings about mobile privacy and its risks. 

The Problem:

The general public is aware of how dangerous it can be to use the internet on a personal computer. Similar risks exist in the use of applications on smartphones. The best way to protect consumers needed to be determined.


The Objective:

I worked with one other Master’s student on generating preliminary user research to understand how aware smartphone users are of the risks of using applications on smartphones. We sought to understand how users felt about the topic (Are they worried? Do they have a preference either way?)

My Contribution:

  • Conducted 28 semi-structured interviews which included a hands-on observation with one other masters student.

  • Qualitatively analyzed the data using grounded analysis.

  • Created a series of paradigms and prototypes


  • Ran a focus group to determine the best solution

  • Created an extensive report on the project that outlined the research process, findings, and recommendations

  • Created the long-term plan for the project using a Gantt chart

Team Members: Nadya Abdu, Liza Pesenson

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

I created this Gantt chart to organize the timeline and assign jobs to myself and the other graduate student I worked with.

Prototype in OmniGraffle Pro

Prototype in OmniGraffle Pro

I made the prototypes to test with the focus group using OmniGraffle Pro

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