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ACTag is a web impact calculator and sticky tag creator for environmentally conscious people who want to increase awareness of the environmental impact of our actions and make sense of lots of different kinds of hidden data at a glance. This web app was thought of and prototyped during a 48-hour Global Service JAM on a six-person team. You can view the website mock-up and demo video.

The Problem:
Consumers have very little information about the environmental impact of most goods. This information is hard to find and difficult to disseminate to interested parties.


The Objective:
To create a website which partners with other environmentally conscious companies to estimate the environmental impact of certain items. It would further allow the user to print stickers which promote or discourage the purchase of certain products. The website would not explicitly encourage it, but a sort of guerilla-marketing scheme promoting environmentally sourced and created products could potentially be created by the public.

My Contribution:

  • Generated the idea

  • Created web app prototype with one other team member

  • Made the group presentation

  • Completed the competitor analysis


  • Identified potential business partners

  • Helped plan video sequence

  • Figured out basic business plan

  • Voiced-over the demo video

  • Delivered final presentation

acTAG website mock-up

Check out the website here.

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