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d.Hub Disaster Recovery Service

"d.Hub" is a service system that reduces stress and increases comfort while providing basic needs for families, individuals, and urban communities before, during, and after a disaster. This integrated service was conceptualized, prototyped, tested, iterated on, and more, during a weekend-long Global Service JAM on a five-person team.

The Problem:
Disasters occus everywhere, large urban cities included. You can't avoid them, but you can be as prepared as possible. My group at the Global Service Jam saw an opportunity to design a disaster recovery service for our own communities.


The Objective:
The objective was to create a complete service to respond to urban disasters in a victim-centered way. We knew that our solution had to: include a communication system, be in place before the disaster happened, provide shelter that was light-weight and easy to store, and speed up the recovery process by connecting resources.


We decided that the priority was setting up physical hubs that could provide shelter, food, first aid supplies, and phone connectivity. The Hubs could be run by residents. We also mocked-up an app to connect and orient people, provide updates, and allow community members to help each other.


Team Members:
Lia Milito, Kasia Sinczak, Lars Leimanis, Alexander Wilcox Cheek, Liza Pesenson

My Contribution:

  • Helped create and verbalize the team Vision and Mission

  • Interviewed people about their experiences with city-wide disaster with one other group member

  • Aided with proto-persona creation

  • Planned out and created the paper prototype

  • User Tested paper prototype with one other group member

  • Aided with building the physical prototype

  • Helped work out the customer journey

Work Samples and Process photos (click to enlarge)

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