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Website Redesign

At Trizic, a financial services start-up from San Francisco, I conducted user research to inform the website redesign. I also worked closely with the branding team on layout, writing of copy, copy tone, and conducted lean guerilla user research between design iterations.

The Problem:

The website wasn't communicating a message consistent with company values and the copy wasn't evoking trust. The site had never been tested with users.


The Objective:

To understand what users' needs were for creating trust and improving usability for the site. 


My Contribution:

  • Discussed goals with key stakeholders

  • Created research plan

  • Organized guerrilla user testing

  • Conducted remote moderated user testing

  • Created findings and recommendations report

  • Worked directly with the CEO and business advisor

  • Holistically analyzed findings to create actionable recommendations

  • Commented on copy content and tone


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